The ABCs of DC Weed: How to Get Weed in DC Legally

The ABCs of DC Weed: How to Get Weed in DC Legally

Best Weed Delivery in DC | Analytics Fulcrum | FlickrThanks to Initiative 71, you can easily get recreational dc weed in dispensaries just like in Los Angeles and Denver, right? Not exactly. Washington giveth and Washington taketh away in the form of caveats.


Thanks to some fine print shenanigans, a rule was added to the federal spending budget to prevent D.C. from setting up recreational marijuana dispensaries within its territory. So you still need to be careful and creative in getting your D.C. cannabis fix in D.C.


How Do You Get Your D.C. Weed Fix?


  • Recreational Weed Brands in Store for You: By going to a weed gift shop or an online store that “gifts” you weed for your art supply purchases or greeting card orders as a “freebie”, you can easily bypass that dispensary caveat and get your weed fix through this loophole. 


  • Have Confidence in Choosing the Best Weed: Buy the best weed that D.C. has to offer by scoping out some of the top recommended ones on the site indicated above. You won’t regret it and it’s all within the legal boundaries of Initiative 71 to boot.


  • Vetted Brands Available: Go to the link indicated on this article and you’ll get brands that have been vetted for quality and professional service. They operate legally in allowing you to get your marijuana fix while at the same time offering you an art or school supply alternative.


  • Other Methods of Buying Weed: The caveat to dispensaries in Washington was mostly done to regulate and control recreational weed purchases. Getting a prescription for weed in order to deal with pain relief after surgery or chemotherapy for cancer still applies as a valid way to obtain cannabis.


  • How About You Grow It Yourself? If you live in D.C., it’s possible to instead buy marijuana seeds from legal trusted sellers and learn how to grow weed in your own garden. Here in the nation’s capital, you won’t get arrested for doing this. 


  • What about Non-D.C. Residents? As for those who don’t live in D.C. the rulings get murkier. You have to look up your state and the legality of buying marijuana there, even online. Some states require a medical prescription while others outright ban it like it’s a hot button topic like abortion.


  • Is Gifting and a Freebie Okay? Many D.C. residents who don’t want to go through the rigmarole to get hash will patronize a gift shop that offers weed as a gift, whether in hash or edible form. Some states, however, only allow direct CBD oil purchases though.


  • What’s a Hemp Product? Another loophole that weed takers use to buy weed online is to get CBD oil with little to no THC so that it could be considered more of a hemp byproduct than a Schedule-6 marijuana drug that’s federally illegal across the board.


  • People Just Want to Do Things Legally: As proven by the Netflix model, not all people will resort to piracy or illegal black market tactics to get something they want or need if you give them a legal recourse to get it. It’d be better if dispensaries were allowed but que sera sera.

Alex Watson