Responsibilities Of Office Cleaners

Responsibilities Of Office Cleaners

Office Cleaning | Professional Cleaners UK | June 2022
There is so much work that 
office cleaners need to do. These responsibilities are –

  • Cleaning all piles of debris, and dust, removing dirt from the vent, vacuuming, cleaning, mopping, clean the restroom. 
  • Documenting inspection of whether every area and thing in the building is properly cleaned or not. 
  • They also do heavy duties and difficult tasks which take time to do.
  • cleaners will properly take care of your facilities. 
  • office cleaners maintain cleanliness and tidiness in your working area.
  • They will keep your building in orderly and running conditions. 
  • Apart from these features, they will also maintain your supply area.
  • If minor adjustments and repairs need to be done, office cleaners can do it effectively.
  • In addition, they will also maintain all the safety regulations. 
  • They are very cooperative with your working schedule, hence these cleaners are also available after office hours. 
  • they will inform you in case of any urgent need for repair.
  • They can also do special projects like sanitizing all the equipment, vacuuming carpets, and spraying antibacterial to remove all the germs and bacteria which can cause serious health issues.
  • They need to appropriately dispose of and mix chemical-based solutions.
  • Outside walkways should be free of debris and is also a responsibility of a janitor. 


What are the necessary skills we need in an office cleaner?


Before hiring any commercial cleaning agency, we need to look for the below-mentioned skills, so that we can get the best cleaner for our firm.

  • They should be literate and have at least a high school degree.
  • Integrity 
  • They should have good knowledge of how to clean chemicals and how to work in the chemical industry.
  • Office cleaners should know how to handle heavy machinery and equipment. 
  • Knowledge of material safety data net 
  • They should have working experience as a cleaner.
  • Trustworthiness 
  • Detail-oriented and attention to detail are important to be good office cleaners.
  • Team workers in commercial cleaning can bend, lift, pull, and push during working hours.
  • Their communication skills should be good so that businessmen can easily have conversations with them and tell them what they are expecting from them. 
  • Their spirit and working energy should be energetic while completing tasks. 


tools that are necessary for an office cleaner are – 

  1. An empty spray bottle for filling chemicals and water for a good cleaning.
  2. Dusters for wiping off specks of dirt 
  3. Dustpans & brooms for cleaning surface
  4. Microfiber cloths and rags for removing dirt from table 
  5. Squeegees 
  6. Microfiber mops for cleaning spilling liquid from the floor. 
  7. Restroom cleaning tools
  8. Buckets for filling up water and chemicals to do a good cleaning.


A list of some daily use products in cleaning for office cleaners are –

  1. All-purpose cleaners
  2. Disinfecting solution
  3. Window cleaning solution 
  4. Garbage bags
  5. Bathroom cleaning solution
  6. Neoprene and latex gloves 


Some large equipment names will provide services for years. For commercial cleaning, these equipment are very useful for cleaners. 

  1. Carpet steam cleaners
  2. Restroom cleaning system 
  3. Outdoor window washing system 
  4. Cleaning carts 
  5. Industrial grade vacuum cleaners

Alex Watson