How to Use Sharetopros to Get Your Music Featured on TV and in Movies

How to Use Sharetopros to Get Your Music Featured on TV and in Movies

If you’re interested in getting your music featured on TV and in movies, you can use the Sharetopros service to get your tracks approved. There are over 2,000 active curators on the site, with half of them being bloggers, playlisters, and radio stations. These people review the submissions and sort them by genre. Then, they listen to the recent approvals. Then, they decide which songs to include in their playlists.

While asking for feedback can be intimidating, it will show that you’re serious about your submission. When requesting feedback, make sure you include an explanation of the song’s significance. Remember, some of the comments will be trivial, meaningless, or condescending. Music is highly subjective, and people might not like your track. If you don’t want to deal with this, follow the hilarious tweet accounts dedicated to making light of negative feedback.

Sharetopros is a popular music submission site, with a free and paid option. Using Sharetopros is easy and quick. Streaming links, MP3s, and other formats are all accepted. The platform also offers statistics and options for choosing recipients. You can even contact record labels directly through Sharetopros, which helps you to get your music heard. You can submit your music using Sharetopros, and get feedback from top music curators.

The process is simple: fill out the online form, which asks for the song title and mp3 file. You’ll be asked to specify whether your song is unreleased or released. If it’s released, you can also give a link to your album, so the listeners can check out more of your music. Then, follow the prompts to submit your work. When you’ve finished submitting, your music should be published online.

Premium credits are the best way to get your music heard by curators. They cost a little less than $1 per credit and discount as more credits are purchased. Premium credits also move your submission to the front of the queue and provide written feedback. Premium credits also extend the amount of time a curator has to listen to your submission. So, you may as well invest a few dollars in premium credits for the best chances of getting your music heard. This way, you can avoid losing your submissions to mediocre music blogs.

In order to submit your music to films, you need to create a sample of it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re submitting your song for a film, television show, or YouTube video, the music supervisor will be able to hear and evaluate the music. Then, you need to find out if your song is suitable for the movie or not. It’s the easiest step of all, but is often overlooked by musicians.

If your music has been featured on other websites or blogs, you can try contacting PR companies. These companies can get your music covered in popular music blogs and music magazines, thereby reducing the time and money required for promotion. However, before you try to get your music reviewed by a PR company, make sure it’s of professional quality. Make sure to check out the Sharetopros submission site. If you’re a beginner, you can also submit your music via Sharetopros, but do not submit everything at once. Make sure you upload your highest quality music.

Alex Watson