Light Weed is a herb that can be smoked legally and safely: free of psychotropic effects, they are able to give the consumer all the typical benefits of a CBD product, but without the undesirable consequences of THC.

 But how to choose the best light weed? And how to buy it in an authorized CBD shop?

Let’s try to share some basic thoughts together!

What is the best Light Weed

First, let’s recall how the best light weed is a high-quality form of light cannabis made from the female inflorescences of depotentiated hemp sativa, that is, deprived of THC.

In this way, the light herb can be consumed without fear of any narcotic impact on one’s psychophysical condition but, on the other hand, guaranteeing the user all the benefits of CBD, which is known to produce mild relaxing effects.


How to recognize the best Light Weed

But how does one recognize the best light herb within a market that is increasingly rich in alternatives?

Before delving into what are the best varieties of light weed that you can buy in our country in specialized CBD shops like ours, it is good for you to have a little more knowledge about how you can recognize the best varieties on your own.

First, carefully consider how much CBD percentages are contained in the light herb. In Italy CBD percentages usually vary between 1 % 20 %, depending mainly on the type of flower and the way the plant has been processed.

Although this is not the only parameter you should take into consideration, we encourage you to choose light weed varieties that have at least a 4-5% CBD share.

Below this amount it is certainly not ruled out that there may not be very good varieties of light weed, but the relaxing effect on one’s body may not be noticeable.

In addition to this factor, other decisive criteria in choosing the best light herb are the scent and aroma: although this is not always the case, usually the most appreciated varieties have rather intense and easily distinguishable scents.

We also advise you to pay attention to the color as well. The best quality of light weed tends to be particularly bright and saturated, indicating the freshness of the product. Conversely, a dull, dull-looking light herb may have undergone an incorrect drying process.

The best Light Weed

Our experts have identified for you the best light flowers that you can safely purchase and consume, receiving the package confidentially within only 24/48 hours of your order.

For example, one of our customers’ favorite varieties of light weed is the Gelato variety, especially recommended for people who like sweet but strong flavors. Its name, moreover, takes its origin from the fruity aroma similar to that of an ice cream: from chocolate to mint, passing through citrus fruits, there are numerous reminders of aroma and fragrance that you will be able to distinguish with this excellent variety.

And what about the Strawberry variety? Deep green in appearance, with red/orange pistils, it has a sweet aroma, with a taste approaching that of strawberry. Then if you don’t know which variety to choose, this genetic is a must-have selection that will allow you to enter the world of light cannabis through the front door.

If you are then wondering how to store cannabis light, remember that you only need to store it in a cool, dry place. If you want to know more, our experts are always available to give you all the most useful tips to improve the level of satisfaction that comes from consuming our premium products!




Alex Watson