All about PC cleaner

All about PC cleaner

Sometimes, your computer might start hanging a lot or it might function more slowly than it usually does, in this case, your computer might require a PC cleaner. When you go online and look for a suitable cleaner for your PC, you’ll end up confused. Online reviews can be very unreliable and on further research, you’ll find that most of them are false. But don’t worry because we’re here to help you through this article. In this article, we’re going to talk all about PC cleaners, their uses, how they work, etc.

What is a PC cleaner?

Our laptops or computers have a plethora of apps installed onto them. We use those applications every single day and this can eventually add up to a lot of clutter and this affects the performance of our device. This is when PC cleaners come into play. They help to clean and declutter your device irrespective of the number of applications installed on your device. Even if you’re someone who regularly cleans and manages the data on your computer even then a PC cleaner will speed up the process and spare you the headache.

Functions of a PC cleaner

As mentioned above, a PC cleaner works by decluttering all the excessive data from various applications. It does this by performing several maintenance tasks that are harder to do individually. Following are the functions of a PC cleaner-

  1. It helps to empty cache from different applications.
  2. It limits apps and programs in the background from using a lot of RAM.
  3. It helps to eliminate corrupted files that are registered on your computer.
  4. It can help to defragment your hard disk.
  5. It locates and deletes duplicate or temporary files from your computer.
  6. It locates and removes malware from your device.

We would like to mention that the maintenance of all these tasks is extremely essential for the optimal functioning of an operating system.

What should you expect from a free PC cleaner?

By now you must’ve been familiar with the essential functions performed by a PC cleaner. But most users have a lot of unrealistic expectations from a free PC cleaner. This is why we would like to clarify that a PC cleaner isn’t going to give you the feeling that you suddenly own a new, more upgraded computer. It won’t make you feel like you’ve updated your RAM or help you perform tasks at super fast speed. It will only help your computer to function smoothly and run applications at the original speed of your device without lagging a lot. You won’t see as many crashes as before or hear any whirring noises when you perform tasks as simple as opening a browser. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you set realistic expectations from a PC cleaner. Don’t expect your device to perform better than what its hardware allows. If your computer is performing normal functions faster than it did, then it means that your cleaner did its job.

Alex Watson