What types of service to expect from white label Facebook ads agencies?

What types of service to expect from white label Facebook ads agencies?

Facebook is the world’s largest social media market today with a broad reach and influence. With around 1 billion users, it is one of the most popular social networking platform. This provides advertisers a lucrative chance to target a vast amount of audience and increase their customer base and build their brand identity.

Services provided:

White label Facebook ads agencies can provide a variety of services to aid in your client’s marketing in Facebook. These are:

  • Brand Awareness on Facebook: the white label Facebook ads agency will provide a customised Facebook advertising campaign catered to meet the distinctive goals and interests of your client. The focus will be to create brand awareness on Facebook, generate website traffic, improving conversions to increase sales and targeting new, recurring as well as existing customers. The ad is positioned strategically in the right place at the right time to allure the attention or curiosity of the target audience.
  • Reporting and Calibration: the agency provides regular campaign reports based on performance tracking. You can show your clients these reports whenever they want to get an insight. The agency will help you point out to your clients the benefits they are receiving from their investment in ‘your’ service.
  • Designing unique and creative Facebook Ads: the designers of the white label Facebook ads agency will create exclusive design of a compelling Facebook advertisement to instantly catch the audience’s attention. A good agency will never compromise with the quality of the ad copy and use images of premium quality only in order to make the ad stand out among its fellow competitors in the market.
  • Audience Research: your partner agency will do their part of thorough research on your client’s target audience in terms of demographic, interest in purchase, social media preferences, etc. This helps to use the investment for ads strategically to reach more potential buyers for your client.
  • Facebook Ads audits: your clients can know the results of their investments by the help of Facebook Ads audit provided by the agency via you. This is an accurate analysis to show where their current Facebook ad is lacking and how you can help improve their ad.
  • Hyper-local targeting: the agency will focus on creating location targeted white label Facebook ads. This achieves best PPC results for your clients. The audience profiling is done based mainly on location preferences usually for small or local businesses. Other criteria for profiling include demographics and interest.
  • Increased sales: the ad campaigns can be optimized to be more suited to your client’s requirements by the white label Facebook ads The focus would be to generate more conversions and higher sales. Through this strategic campaigning, your clients will be more visible to the suitable audience.

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