The Do’s and Don’ts of House Cleaning; simple cleaning

The Do’s and Don’ts of House Cleaning; simple cleaning

We all know how much a clean house can help you feel more organized and confident, and it’s also a great way to show that you care about your space and your possessions; however, cleaning your house can feel like an impossible task at times.

There are so many hidden junk and dust balls that your vacuum doesn’t reach- you’re afraid you’ll never be able to get the smell of stale coffee out of your couch; but let’s face it, cleaning your house isn’t always fun, but it’s still necessary; keep up with regular cleaning so that you have a welcoming environment for your guests, family, and yourself.

What you need to know about house cleaning

The truth is that your house needs to be cleaned—no matter how frequently you vacuum or how quickly you pick up after yourself, there will always be some level of filth in your home—and the key to cleaning your house without letting it overwhelm you is to make time for it and strategize.

If you find one room that needs a good scrubbing but are simple cleaning concerned about getting back to the other rooms before they become too cluttered, start with the room with the fewest objects; you can always come back later and tackle the more cluttered rooms when they’re less dirty so you don’t have to worry about moving as much.

Next, make sure you have everything you need on hand before starting- sounds like an obvious thing to do but many people who are prone to forgetting things will see this as a helpful reminder and; lastly, set a timer for yourself – the longer you stay at it and tackle one task at a time, the easier it’ll feel!

The Dos and Don’ts of House Cleaning

People make a lot of mistakes when cleaning their homes, and we’ve all been there: you go to clean, get it done in two minutes, and call yourself a hero, but you know the mess will take over your kitchen again as soon as you walk away. You can avoid this by adhering to the following dos and don’ts:

  • vacuum your carpets regularly.
  • Don’tleave dirty dishes in the sink for more than an hour (tops!).
  • clean the counters every night before bed.
  • Don’t neglect these tasks on weekends or holidays when there won’t be visitors coming into your home.
  • Every time you use an appliance, such as a microwave or a refrigerator, wipe it down with vinegar. This will prevent odors and buildup from accumulating over time!

Cleaning your home can make you feel more in control

Let’s face it, cleaning your house isn’t always fun and even if you don’t enjoy it, it’s still inevitable; you have to keep up with regular cleaning so that you have a welcoming environment for your guests, your family, and yourself.

Your mantra is clean for yourself, not for others.

If you find yourself dreading your weekly cleaning, it may be time to focus on what you need to do rather than what others want; take some time to think about what would motivate you to clean your house, and then make a list of those things; everyone knows that the thought of cleaning my bathroom makes you gag just thinking about it, but going over my list reminds me that this is not only good for other people but also myself- when I take care of myself by making a list

Alex Watson