Read This Before You Buy A Star From The Star Registry

Read This Before You Buy A Star From The Star Registry

It seems to be the ideal present suggestion. Then you buy a star, name it after your loved one, and give it to them along with a certificate, star coronets, and all of the other glitzy accessories that make it seem as if you purchased the star just for them.

Factors ToConsider Before Buying A Star

Beware, though, since no commercial company has the authority to identify stars in their films or television shows.

The rights to the film are being offered for sale by at least six different entities. It even seems to be legitimate – you get a certificate that is quite respectable and official in appearance, as well as brochures and other information regarding your star. And the price is reasonable – a star costs between $40 and $60 to purchase.

However, what the majority of these organizations fail to inform you of is that they do not have the authority to identify any celebrities. The International Astronomical Union is the only legitimate source that can formally name stars, and as far as I’m aware, they are not a commercial organization.

Visit the websites of most agencies who claim to be able to sell you a star and you will discover that they are a little dishonest when it comes to the facts we covered above. They often talk in half-truths or conceal facts from you by placing it in small print at the bottom of the page or on the internet.

Only when you put pressure on them and ask them the tough questions will you receive a straightforward response. One exception, on the other hand, was discovered by myself.

When it comes to describing precisely what you receive when you buy a star from the International Star Registry, they are possibly the most plain. In reality, if you contact their 800 number, you are likely to get the same result I did – someone who will answer your questions directly and does not immediately jump into a sales presentation.

Despite the fact that the name you choose for the stars will not be legally recognized, it is still a fairly awesome present. To be exact, you may acquire a certificate on parchment paper from the Star Registry for less than $55 that recognizes the name of the star, as well as a pamphlet detailing the consolations and an astrological chart with your newly named star highlighted. There are more choices available, including a certificate frame as well as a note of congratulations to be delivered to the person to whom you are presenting the gift.

In A Nutshell

While it is true that it is more of a novelty present than anything else, it is nevertheless a considerate gift. It’s best to purchase a star for a loved one from a company that will be upfront with you about exactly what they are selling, rather than from someone who is just trying to pitch you and take your money while making it appear as though you actually own the rights to the name of the star in question. You may get into the greatest and most legitimate seller of stars in the sky by clicking here.

Alex Watson