Is it Worth Buying Leather Shoulder Holsters for Conceal Carry?

Is it Worth Buying Leather Shoulder Holsters for Conceal Carry?

Needless to say, choosing a comfortable holster is a must for fruitful outcomes. Don’t be fooled into shopping for the coolest-looking holster that matches your style. Go for one that is durable, comfortable, safe and convenient. This is because the right holster is an essential part of concealed carry.

You have seen shoulder holsters in different TV serials and movies. However, they are not only for entertainment. Leather shoulder holsters are great if you are a jacket wearer. The products come with different pros and cons. Have a look at the merits of leather shoulder holsters for conceal carry.

1. They allow for easy access

Don’t you think instant accessibility means a lot in concealed carry? There is no sense if you reach late. So, here leather shoulder holsters are perfect for you. Unzip or unbutton your jacket and you are ready to go. Unlike pocket carry, shoulder holsters enable a shooter to draw his weapons while driving.

2. Perfect for long-barreled weapons

Leather shoulder holsters are an ideal solution for machine guns, compact weapons and long-barreled guns. If you wish to conceal a long-barreled pistol, then prefer a thick jacket for great concealment.

Perfect designation for shopping leather shoulder holsters –

Going for an online or offline platform depends on your expectations. However, as compared to offline, online stores can provide you some additional merits. One of the popular and trusted online stores for buying leather shoulder holsters is Kirkpatrick. It offers some priceless perks like –

1. Comfort –

Convenience means a lot while shopping for your product. Online stores allow you to order your product from your location and receive it within 24 hours. You can order the products through any portable device. Such as – PC, laptop, tablet or by your smartphone.

2. Various options available –

Online stores are free from storage issues. Type your product’s name in the search box and it will be displayed on your screen. So, you can select your holsters from a variety of options.

3. Security –

It means a lot for the majority of customers. Kirkpatrick ensures that the product will be securely delivered to your address. Meanwhile, without informing or discussing it with your society members.

4. Payment options

Unlike offline stores, you can make payments through multiple payment options. Besides cash, other payment options are – bank transfer, Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, debit and credit cards.

5. Shipping charges

Shipping is free of cost for some specific orders. You can exchange your product if it fails to meet your expectations.

Conclusion –

Hence proved, purchasing leather shoulder holsters for conceal carry is a great investment. The answer to this question also depends on dressing sense, daily routine, gun type and various other variables. It is suggested to purchase the product after doing your research. If you are looking for comfort and numerous options, then the online platform is great. Furthermore, wisely select an online store like Kirkpatrick that offers holsters for guns of different colors, shapes, models and sizes.


Alex Watson