Get More Views on Your Instagram Live Streams with These Tips

Get More Views on Your Instagram Live Streams with These Tips

Are you using Instagram Live to connect with your audience but feeling disappointed with the number of views your streams are getting? If you’re looking for ways to increase the reach of your live videos and get more eyeballs on your content to buy Instagram live views, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for our top tips.

Tips to get more views on your Instagram Live Streams:

1.     Go Live at Optimal Times:

One of the best ways to get more views on your Instagram Live videos is to stream at optimal times. When trying to figure out the best time to go live, consider when most of your target audience is active on Instagram. You can use insights from your business profile to see when people are most engaging with your content. Once you have this information, try scheduling your live streams around those times.

2.     Promote Your Stream in Advance:

Another great way to increase the reach of your live videos is to promote them in advance. You can let your followers know when you’re going live by sharing a post on Instagram or even sending out a blast email to your mailing list. By doing this, you’ll be able to let more people know about your stream and get them excited about tuning in. Just be sure not to give too much away so that people tune in for the whole experience!

3.     Engage with Viewers:

Once you start streaming, be sure to take some time to engage with viewers who are tuning in. This could mean answering questions they post in the comments section or incorporating some of their suggestions into your stream. By taking the time to interact with viewers, you’ll be able to keep them engaged and coming back for more live content in the future.

4.     Offer Incentives:

You can also entice people to tune in to your live stream by offering incentives. This could mean giving away freebies or discounts during your broadcast or even holding a contest for viewers who watch the entire thing. No matter what type of incentive you offer, be sure that it’s something that will resonate with your target audience and help you achieve your overall goals for going live.

5.     Repurpose Your Live Videos:

Last but not least, don’t forget that you can always repurpose your live videos after the fact! If you want people who missed your initial broadcast to be still able to check it out, consider uploading it as an IGTV video or even creating a highlight reel on Instagram Stories. You can also embed your video onto your website or blog so that even more people can watch it. By following these tips, you should have no problem getting more views on all of your future Instagram Live streams!


Instagram Live is a great way to connect with followers in real time and build deeper relationships. However, if you’re not promoting your live streams or engaging with viewers, it’s unlikely that people will stick around for long. So use the tips above next time you go live on Instagram and see how much difference they make!

Alex Watson