Understand How A Quartz Watch Works

Understand How A Quartz Watch Works

Quartz is a mineral that generates electrical pulses when subjected to physical pressure and vibrates physically when an electrical current passes through it. This property, classified as singular, is called piezoelectricity, and this allows the vibration to be picked up by electrodes. The crystal in the quartz watch is cut in the same way as a tuning fork, so it vibrates precisely 32,768 times per second.

The pulses of the quartz watch are transmitted to an electronic circuit, and it is the basis for them to appear on the digital display. Still, if the quartz watch is analog, the circuit is responsible for making a vibration divided into only one pulse per second, and that is a pulse that causes the quartz watch’s small motor to start and causes the gears to move the hands.

In the ’70s, the quartz watch became a more popular accessory, and it was the quartz watch that replaced the mechanical watch, which was regulated by spring and winding. The advantage of those who use a quartz watch concerns its ability not to delay because while mechanical watches delay a few seconds a day, the quartz watch does not miss more than a thousandth.

Although the quartz watches only appeared in the 1970s, developing the quartz watch dates back to the late 1920s, at the hands of telecommunications engineer Warren Marrison.

The quartz watch has a processor, which is an electronic circuit. This microchip receives the pulses emitted by the crystal and divides hundredths, seconds, and minutes. Depending on the model of the quartz watch, the information can be transmitted through a liquid crystal display or regulated by a pointer motor.

The battery is also part of the quartz watch. It supplies power to both the quartz crystal and the display and microchip. The digital quartz clock has an LCD and needs battery power to run. The battery usually lasts between 3 and 5 years, but this time will vary according to the use of each.

Currently, the watch has become a luxury accessory! Today, the watch has the most diverse models; they are large, small, medium, leather bracelets, plastic, with a stopwatch, without a stopwatch, and many other differentials. See different models on https://pendulum.co.th/rolex/rolex-submariner/

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