Look Ma, No Tires!

Look Ma, No Tires!

It may carry 4 passengers securely, travelling at accelerates to 350 Miles per hour. It will roughly 20 MPG, operates on automotive gasoline, and has the capacity to have a helpful payload of 750 Lbs… Indeed, I didn’t remember to say, it’s vibrant red, doesn’t have tires, also it flies!

Being an rule, the Tire industry ‘revolves’ (yes the pun was intentional) around a number of peculiar mechanical and physical needs: friction, pressure, directional velocities along with other earthly factors.

What happens if the necessity to offer the vehicle around the road’s surface wasn’t any longer essential? What can occur to the tire industry then? Gone will be the requirement for lengthy lasting tires, for tires that may withstand high speeds, for tires that may run flat as well as for an array of other tire products – you just wouldn’t need them.

Fact or Fiction?

Same with it fact or fiction? It’s FACT.

Flying cars exist today and something particularly is known as the Moller Skycar. Scheduled for FAA certification by December 31, 2006 this vehicle for the future has become a real possibility. It may carry 4 passengers securely (it’ll even hover with one unsuccessful engine, and apparently throughout a catastrophic power failure this vehicle will float to earth on emergency parachutes!) This Skycar can transport a payload of 750Lbs, travel at speeds as high as 350 Miles per hour and may cruise in an altitude of 25,000 ft.

The main power house behind this marvel may be the Rotapower engine. In line with the Wankel rotary format this latest engine (together with a large number of other amazing inventions including a computerized levelling and self balancing in-flight system) get this to vehicle safe enough, and simple enough for everyone to fly.

Forget “The Jetsons” – Think Joe Q Public

Suppose, Joe Q. Public in a position to fly probably the most advanced personal transportation vehicles on the planet, and apparently without having any specialised pilot training! It was obviously just what Dr. Paul Moller of Bc intended. Born and elevated on the chicken ranch in south-eastern BC near an urban area known as Trail, this budding engineer had been building things when he was 6.

He built his first house when he was 9 and the first vehicle by 15. The flying ‘bug’ bit him at the start of existence and the illustrious career has spanned greater than 3 decades. The Skycar represents his vision of the personal transportation device that will permit him to “fly just like a hummingbird” and go places he’d never been with no constraints.

Alex Watson