Let Us Understand股票報價

Let Us Understand股票報價

The price of a stock that is quoted in exchange is known as a 股票報價A basic quote will provide all the required information about a specific stock. It will tell the bidding price. The last traded price and the volume tested are also told. Investors have been accessing the stock quotes online rather than as an option for newspapers. There are many internet portals and different websites that offer delayed stock quotes and that too without charging any fee. The real-time stock quotes are restricted to pay the subscribers.

Know the presentation:

The stock quotes presented are provided with supplemental information and the required data. The low and high prices that are recorded during the day are shown. They also keep a record of the value changed in the security before the closing day. They will compare it with the current trading day. The prices are shown in the form of a percentage. It reveals the amount of security that has increased or has fallen. The recommendations for security that are given can also be easily prevented with the help of a stock quote.

Elaborate the elements:

Ticker: The first element of a 股票報價 is the company name. Just after the company name comes the exchange of the stock traded. An abbreviation could also be added just beside the company name. That abbreviation is known as the ticker of the stock. It comprises four letters.

Trading price: The big font that you will see is the trading price that is ongoing currently. Just beside the price, you will come to know the percentage of rising and fall that has happened during the day. It can be shown in dollars or can be presented in the form of a percentage.

High – low movement: You will easily get to know how the stock has moved throughout the day. You can look at its opening price and then shift to the low. Again when the markets will open there will be some movement in the price because investors make the first move.

Market cap: The market cap is represented in the form of a figure and the total value of the company is shown. It multiplies the price of the stock by the shares count. Generally, you will get to see six figures that range from the nano to the mega cap. But only the middle three are given attention.

P/E ratio: The full name for this is price to earnings. The P/E ratio in 股票報價 is calculated by dividing the share of one stock by the earnings of per share. It is calculated for the last twelve months.

Dividend Yield: The dividend yield easily shows the percentage of the stock price that is ongoing. It is usually paid in dividends. If you want to know how much income you are expecting, for a particular share that you are holding, then this number will tell you.

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