Enforcing Divorce Orders: The Role Your Attorney Plays

Enforcing Divorce Orders: The Role Your Attorney Plays

Divorce can be an emotional process but it involves a lot of legalities. Without a law expert on your side, you can easily get lost in the process. Divorce is tedious and the issues can take months to resolve. For a lot of couples, getting the official divorce decree is the ultimate relief they are seeking for. But, once a marriage has ended, the spouses begin a post-divorce relationship. Although a divorced couple may think they are done, they must follow and respect the divorce decree. 

Many couples don’t have a problem following the decree and taking responsibilities as the document lays out. However, some do otherwise. A lot of divorced spouses fail to pay alimony and child support or don’t adhere to financial promises and property division agreements. If your ex is not living up to the divorce decree, it is best to hire an attorney from the divorce law firm, Coil Law with specialized expertise. Read to know how your lawyer can help enforce divorce orders correctly:

Help You Prepare for Court Complaints

Before you try to see a judge and complain about your ex’s violation of the decree, you must be aware of what you want and where your ex has wronged you.  You need to have the right motives, legal assistance, and documents, so you can get through the proceedings faster and solve your issues quickly. Your lawyer will categorize your ex’s violations, so you can file a valid complaint into the available categories. This way, you can get the most court assistance. 

Assemble the Right Documents

Once your attorney has found out which category your complaints fall into, they will collect all the related documents. You must know that your court appeal is based on a material breach of your divorce decree. Thus, you can make your case presentation easier and shorter by having important documentation. Although the decree is usually not enough, having extra records like notes, dates, and agreements is a big advantage. 

Help Enforce Orders

It is important to keep in mind that divorce decrees are orders made by a judge. After it has been issued by a court, it becomes legally binding, so failure to adhere to any of its clause, order, or phrase results in legal penalties. Your attorney can hold your ex in contempt and have them facing significant penalties. After you discuss the next steps to take with your attorney, they can assist you in filing for contempt. 


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