5 Important Steps Of Grout Repairing Instructions

5 Important Steps Of Grout Repairing Instructions

Over the period, tile grout stains cracks and became loose. If you notice that your tile grout has seen better, then it is time to replace it.  The good news is that the grout repair has been easy budget-friendly fix the quick time to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom tile. As the damaged grout not only makes your tile look old and worn but also causes bacteria and mold growth.

Grout repair requires specific kinds of tools named such as grout saw and grout float. But it is also very much necessary that one who repairs the grout has all the necessary protection such as eye protection,

gloves, towels, a shop vacuum, and a scrub pad; all these things are must-have with the person who repairs the grout for their safety.

Grout repair instructions

There are few institutions for grout repair; the instruction is as follows-

Step1. Clean the broken grout with white vinegar and water solution- first mix one part with white vinegar and one part of the water in a bucket or a bowl. Then dip a clean toothbrush or scrub brush in the mixture and scrub the damaged grout until all the dirt and grime come off. Finally, wipe the extra mixture with a clean cloth.

Step2. Buy new grout that matches your existing grout color- to find the closest match, and you have to use sample grout chips, which are available from most house improvement stores. If the original grout is lighter than the colors you choose from the chips, lighten the color by adding more water when you mix it. If the original grout color is darker, then you have to use less water. Grout is available in sanded and unsanded. Choose the correct type of grout based on the width of the original tile joints location and type of tile.

step3. Remove the damaged grout with a grout saw. First, remove the top 1/8inch of the damaged grout- a grout saw is a small handheld blade that fits between the tiles. And then use a blade with a width that will fit between the tiles you’re working on. Next, place the grout saw on the damaged grout and move it back and forth like you’re scrubbing the old grout. Continue until the top layer of the damaged grout has been broken into two pieces.

Step4. Vacuum the remaining grout particles- use the hose attachment on the shop vacuum to make sure that all the pieces of the old grout are cleared out of the gap between the tiles. This helps to see how deep you’ve gone And asses How much further you need to remove the old grout.

Step5. Wet the tile- before applying any new grout, and you are required to wet the tile And give a thorough cleaning going over a grout line. With a vacuum and wipe down a tile with a soft sponge, this is very necessary to apply new grout.

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