Card Games- The Evergreen Games

Card Games- The Evergreen Games

Throughout history, we have seen that many trends emerged and disappeared like they were never there. This was due to the rise of better options. But one thing that remained present throughout history and still trending is the playing cards. ไพ่แคง have remained constant throughout the history of mankind. They have been linked with humans since the beginning. Different parts of the world play cards differently but cards are always present. Even in this age of industrialization, the craze of card games has never seen a downfall.

About different card games.

Throughout the world, different games are being played with cards. But all of those are divided into different categories.

l Matching games. The main motive of these games is to match the cards and form a pair. The target is to do it as soon as possible. The fastest player to do so wins the game. An example of such a game is rummy. In Rummy this is done by drawing the cards and discarding them. The same procedure can be seen in the game of mahjong. The difference is that mahjong tiles are used in place of cards.

  • Shedding games. The main motive of these games is to finish first by discarding all the cards. In these games, players start with a handful of cards. The players keep on playing and keep on discarding the cards with each turn. The player who finishes first is declared the winner. An example of one such game is the popular game UNO. Although rules may vary from game to game, the objective of the shedding games is all the same.
  • Comparing games. In these games, the main motive is to have the most powerful cards and win the game. Players receive different cards which have different numeric values on them. The players then compare the values and the one with the greater value is considered the winner. One such example of matching games is poker.
  • Solitaire games. In these games, there is a certain definite order in which the cards are to be arranged. All the cards are provided different values. The main objective of the players is to arrange the cards in a specific order according to the order of the power of the cards. The game starts with the layout called the tableau. The players are to arrange them in better order and finish the game.
  • Catch and collect games. In these games, the prime objective is to accumulate and acquire all the cards of a deck. The players aim to acquire all the games. The war games are the example of catch and collect games.
  • Collectible card games. In these games, the main objective of the player is to compare the cards and finally determine the winner. In these games the players are not provided with cards, rather they compete using privately collected cards from the open market. These are to be primarily collected from the market and then those collections are used to compete against others. An example is the pokemon cards.

Card games can be played in many ways for the entertainment of the players. It is up to the players how to play.



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