Tips To Keep Your applicant tracking system Running smooth

Tips To Keep Your applicant tracking system Running smooth

If you’re reading this, probably you are an avid applicant tracker. You probably know how much time and effort is spent processing applications, job offers, and other paperwork. It’s a scary thought that your application system might not be functioning properly! The more time you spend tracking your applications, the more time you will spend monitoring your system performance. 


Change Your System Regularly


One of the best ways to keep your system functioning smoothly is to change your system regularly. This can be as simple as changing the software you use or as complex as moving from one software platform to another. The more consistent your system is, the easier it will be to track. Additionally, any downtime you experience will be logged automatically and kept track of. 


When a change occurs, you can easily trace the cause and quickly determine why the change was necessary or unnecessary. 


Keep Performance Data Up To Date


Keeping track of your server performance can be an excellent way to monitor the state of your applicant tracking system and make adjustments as needed. It can also be convenient because you rarely need to take the time to look at every spreadsheet and report. 


The main reason you might want to keep track of your performance is to ensure that you are spending the right amount of time on each task. After all, it’s noticeable when something doesn’t appear to be finished as quickly as it should.


Monitor Your System Frequently


Helpful as it is when it comes to improving your system, monitoring is not necessary if you are eligible. After all, there is no point in keeping track of every little thing that happens on the internet unless you are willing to report it to search engines and anti-spam authorities. 


This can be years before you will be able to report a big problem like an inaccurate system to governance or your organization’s broader management. Therefore, it’s essential to keep track of what is happening on the server and the computer. This way, you will know what to look out for in the future and what not to.


Don’t Spam Your System


If you spend a lot of time on different projects or tasks, it’s difficult to keep track of all the activities. It’s also difficult to know when a certain task is finished and what else is needed to be done. This is particularly important if you work with a team on a goal-driven basis. You will often be given a task that has multiple inputs and has nary a finish. 


Therefore, it’s essential to have a system in place to ensure there is only one version of everything. Moreover, this version must be valid and current at all times. Spamming your system is a potential path to an incorrect situation. When people try to do something multiple times without even realizing they have the needed skills or knowledge, it can hurt the entire system. 


Track All Activities Regularly


Track all activities regularly is a good way to identify any inconsistencies and take corrective action as needed. It also doesn’t matter if you work at home or work in an office. The same can be said about your organization’s process. Certain tasks are better suited to be tracked than others. 


Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have a general idea of what is happening in the system and on what project. This way, you will know where to start looking if there ever was a problem. 

Alex Watson