Shipping A Car from Illinois To Florida – What Is The Easiest Way 

Shipping A Car from Illinois To Florida – What Is The Easiest Way 

After you have everything sorted out while planning for the big move from Illinois to Florida, you should next think about getting your belongings shipped in the safest way possible to your new address. Your belongings also include your automobiles and finding the best shipping service that can offer the safe transportation of your precious cargo should be mandatory in this case. 

Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the many options that are available for the easy shipping of your automobile anywhere within the US. They offer the best service and pocket-friendly quotes for your requirement to ship your vehicle from Illinois to Florida. You can visit their website to know more about their services and to get the best quote. 

Car shipping 

The transportation of your car to Florida from Illinois is done in three different steps. 

  • Calculating the shipping quotes 

You can get car shipping quotes from different sources by visiting the official website of different car shipping services. Once you enter your requirements on their webpage, the customer service executives will get back to you with their quotes. You can compare and book the shipping service that works perfectly with your requirement. 

  • Picking up the vehicle 

The shipping companies that you will hire will conduct a thorough inspection of your car before loading it to its carrier. You can request the residential doorstep pickup from any business location. All you must do is mention the pickup address in Illinois and they will handle the rest. 

  • Vehicle delivery to Florida 

Once your car leaves its previous location, it will be loaded and shipped to the new address in Florida. You can confirm the shipment of your vehicle on the promised date with the car shipment executives that you have hired for the job. 

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The availability of routes for the easy shipping of your car from Illinois to Florida is many. The shipping company will decide the best route for the early transportation of your car to its new address in Florida. 

The approximate distance between Illinois and Florida is 1,100 miles. A couple of miles may vary in this approximate estimation based on the requirement of the pickup and delivery of the car of the customers. 

The shipping companies will not require more than 4 to 5 business days to ship your car from Illinois to Florida, as this is the required duration for covering up the 1,100 miles between the source and the destination. 

The commonly preferred routes for shipping cars from Illinois to Florida are via Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Michigan, which are located at the borders of Illinois. The driver will pick the route that is not only the safest for your car, but is also closer to Florida. 

You can find the best car shipping companies that can cater to all your needs. If you own classic or exotic cars or bikes, then you should find the car shipping companies that offer special services during the shipping of such precious cargo in their carrier. 

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