Exploring the Depths: Advanced Open Water Course in Phuket

Exploring the Depths: Advanced Open Water Course in Phuket

Are you interested in taking your diving skills to the next level? Are you ready to explore deeper, more challenging dive sites? Phuket’s Advanced Open Water Course might be just what you’re looking for. Here, we’ll explore what the course entails, the benefits it offers, and why Phuket is the perfect location for Advanced Open Water Course Phuket.

The Advanced Open Water Course is designed to provide divers with exposure to advanced techniques and dive sites. It’s made up of five dives, each of which explores a specific area of diving. They cover areas such as deep diving, underwater navigation, and night diving. The course is not a certification on its own; it is intended to build on a diver’s existing diving skills and certifications.

The benefits of taking an Advanced Open Water Course are numerous. For one, it allows you to explore more challenging dive sites, giving you access to a wider diversity of marine life and coral formations. It also enables you to build on your diving knowledge and skills, making you a more confident and capable diver. Furthermore, it opens the door to other dive courses and certifications, such as Rescue Diving and Divemaster.

Phuket’s Advanced Open Water Course is an ideal choice for those looking to elevate their diving skills. The course is conducted by experienced and qualified instructors who are knowledgeable of the local dive sites and conditions. Phuket is home to a variety of dive sites, including the famous Similan Islands and the Phi Phi Islands. These sites offer some of the best diving in all of Southeast Asia, presenting divers with a wealth of marine life, coral formations, and underwater landscapes.

One of the key benefits of taking the Advanced Open Water Course in Phuket is the variety of diving environments available. Divers can expect to explore sites ranging from shallow coral reefs to deep wrecks to underwater caverns. The course also includes a night dive, allowing you to experience the nocturnal behaviors of marine life. Phuket is also home to seasonal visitors such as whale sharks and manta rays, providing divers with the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants.

Another advantage of taking the course in Phuket is the ease of accessibility. Phuket is a popular tourist destination and is serviced by numerous transportation options, including direct flights from major cities, buses, and ferries. There are also a wealth of accommodation options to choose from, ranging from budget hostels to luxury resorts, so you can find a place that suits your needs and budget.


In conclusion, Phuket’s Advanced Open Water Course is a fantastic way for divers to improve their skills, explore new environments, and expand their diving horizons. The course itself is designed to build on a diver’s existing skills and certificates, providing them with the knowledge and technique necessary to take on more advanced dive sites. Phuket’s variety of dive environments, along with its experienced instructors and easy accessibility, make it the perfect destination for the Advanced Open Water Course. So if you’re ready to elevate your diving skills and take on new challenges, book your Phuket Advanced Open Water Course today!

Alex Watson