An Introduction To Trolling Motor Battery

An Introduction To Trolling Motor Battery

Trolling Motor Battery are batteries that are specially designed for trolling a boat motor. The main focus of these batteries is to provide electricity to the engine for some extended duration whenever the boat is trolling slowly in the fishing areas. There are various other batteries used in the ship. 

The batteries used for starting the ignition in the boat are the boat starting batteries. The batteries used to create the boat’s engine are marine batteries. These batteries are also responsible for enough power to the ship to sustain all and the motor.

Different types of Trolling Motor Battery

To know more about a Trolling Motor Battery, we must also understand the available types that would be available

Lead Acid Wet Cell 

These batteries are the most commonly used type of Trolling Motor Battery. The reason is that they are budget-friendly and can be easily used to manage the basic everyday tasks of trolling motors. The word wet cell used in the name of the battery is a reference for the usage of a mixture of water and sulphuric acid in the battery submerged.

They can easily last for 2-3 years and require little to no maintenance. Most of the time, the battery involves maintenance only when overcharged, which can cause the dropping the water levels. So, it is advised to always check the battery for water levels before using it. Add distilled water whenever the water is running low to avoid any damage to the battery.


AGM is an acronym for Absorbed Glass Mat. these types of Trolling Motor Battery are entirely sealed. They are different from lead acid wet cell batteries. These batteries could be more budget-friendly. They are expensive, but the main advantage of these batteries is that they don’t require any maintenance. They can easily last up to 3-4 years which is longer than lead wet cell batteries.

Dual Purpose Batteries

Whenever there is a constant need for an energy supply, then going for a dual-purpose battery is the best option for a Trolling Motor Battery. They are an ideal option for providing a consistent and steady power supply to the engine and ensuring that the engine runs for a longer duration. These batteries can provide all the engines and enough advantages  and then turn it over. They also provide power to the trolling motor so it can run consistently. The functions of these batteries perfectly justify their name.

Deep Cycle Batteries

These kinds of batteries are very similar to dual-purpose batteries, but there is a difference. These batteries are designed so that they can provide stable energy to the trolling motor for a longer duration. This will give the battery exceptional engine. It depends on the need of the customers when choosing between a dual-purpose battery or deep cycle battery. If a customer is lasts longer in the trolling motor, then the perfect choice is the deep cycle battery; otherwise, a dual-purpose battery is also a good option.

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